Search and Recovery Diver


If you’ve ever lost something in the water and want to go find it, then Search and Recovery Diver Specialty Training is for you.

There are effective ways to find objects underwater that increase your chances of success. This is what you will learn during this training.



Gathering information and resources and then carefully planning a research are the first important steps you will learn. During your dives, you will learn:

  • the different styles of searching and navigation using your compass and natural navigation.
  • locating large and small objects using different search models.
  • the use of a lifting parachute and its handling to lift large or heavy objects.
  • planning a search operation.


The price includes everything necessary for certification (material, e-learning or manual, training sessions, certification).

  • Duration: 1-2 days
  • Age: 12 years old
  • Prerequisites: Level 2 – Advanced Open Water
  • Number of dives in a natural environment: 4
  • Details: Equipment

* Price based on a rate of 1 Eur = 39 Rs.

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