Children's Diving

Seal Team Enfants

Our children’s dives offer many diving activities for ages 8 to 12.

Safety is a top priority and our trainings are supervised by specially trained instructors. Children’s dives take place in a swimming pool or at sea with a maximum depth of 5 meters.

2 programs are available to you: Bubblemaker and Seal Team.



It’s as fun as it sounds – it’s the fun of blowing bubbles while scuba diving.

Children 8 years of age or older use scuba equipment to breathe underwater and swim in shallow water.

Throwing a party, celebrating a birthday by planning a memorable and exciting Bubblemaker event with friends and family is possible at Just Diving. No previous experience is necessary. Parental permission is required.

During the Bubblemaker program, participants have a simple presentation on how to use scuba equipment, how to purge a regulator, empty a mask, and an overview of what to do and what not to do when. we breathe underwater. Just Diving will advise you on everything you need.

Rs 12.000*



The PADI Seal Team is a pool program where young divers looking for action-packed fun perform exciting AquaMissions.

You will learn basic diving skills, but there are also specialty AquaMissions, such as wreck diving, orienteering, buoyancy, environmental protection and more.

With the PADI Seal Team you will do some really cool pool activities, meet friends and share the adventure of the underwater world. The PADI Seal Team program teaches responsibility and respect for the aquatic world. It is divided into two parts.

The first part, AquaMissions 1 to 5, covers basic diving techniques, such as: breathing underwater, emptying a mask filled with water, retrieving a regulator and swimming while feeling weightless. Each session lasts approximately one hour.

Complete these AquaMissions and become a recognized PADI Seal Team Member. Your experience can be validated for the PADI Open Water Diver course when you reach the age to participate in the course.

Part 2, 10 AquaMissions Specialties, includes adventures such as identifying creatures, finding and recovering objects, and snorkeling.

Complete all the Specialties, you will become a PADI Master Seal Team and join an elite group of young divers.



The price includes everything necessary for certification (material, e-learning or manual, training sessions, certification).

  • Duration: 2-4 hours
  • Age: 8 years old – 12 years old
  • Prerequisites: Know how to swim
  • Details: Equipment

* Price based on a rate of 1 Eur = 39 Rs.

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